Nuiba is not just a word; it’s also not just a wine.. Nuiba is a place.  It is a farm in Namibia where I grew up and where I found who I am; it symbolizes the real me.   It’s where I learned what it is to be thankful for rain, how to wake up early and go to the sheep paddock to let them out for the day; where I learned how to bake bread in a coal stove and that the stars are much brighter when there is no electricity – that you need to be careful of scorpions at night when walking barefoot and that one can hunt but that you also have to preserve the wildlife on your farm; it’s where I learned to be creative and to plan the week’s meals wisely because supplies are only fresh once a week.  It’s is where the silence can be so overpowering; and where you learn to spend evenings together around a fire instead of a TV, where time sometimes stands still and one can breathe..  it is a place where my heart escapes to in my dreams…

My wines are made from Piekenierskloof grapes. Piekenierskloof is a very unique area where most of the vines are bush vines and planted in dryland conditions. The result is small berries with high concentrations and very unique flavour profiles.

My winemaking philosophy is to retain the primary grape flavours and to interfere as little as possible during the winemaking process.  I ferment in open fermenters and do as many punchdowns as we can, afterwich the wines are sent to older barrels for malolactic fermentation and ageing.

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